Breathtaking Innovation. Breath-giving Results.

There’s new hope for millions of people who suffer from emphysema & lung cancer.

Pure Water. Powerful Therapy.

InterVapor® Targeted Vapor Therapy

The ubiquitous power of water sustains our planet, fuels our bodies, and nurtures our lives. And now, this reservoir of possibilities can help and heal two of the most ravaging diseases of our day—emphysema and lung cancer.

By using precisely targeted water vapor to ablate diseased lung tissue, InterVapor works without invasive procedures or toxic drugs.

Just pure water.

More about InterVapor

Treating Emphysema

For millions across the globe, the suffocating effects of emphysema are an unrelenting torture. But with InterVapor, breathing can be improved with sequential treatments throughout the progression of the disease.

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Treating Lung Cancer

Tens of thousands of new Stage I and II lung cancer patients are diagnosed each year. InterVapor offers new hope for treating tumors with localized therapy—without surgery or toxicity.

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