Robert Barry - President

30 years of technical, clinical, and business experience in the medical device field. Robert has co-founded medical device companies: Coaptus Medical, Stasys Medical, and Uptake Medical. As CEO, he has successfully raised venture capital, developed product, conducted randomized clinical trials, and launched product. Prior to his CEO experience, Robert worked for Boston Scientific, Pfizer, and Bausch & Lomb where he held various engineering and management positions. He has over 25 issued patents in the fields of interventional cardiology, radiology, and pulmonology. 

Erik Henne - Vice President of Research and Development

Erik has been leading research and development for vapor technology for the lung since the first pre-clinical study 10 years ago. His major accomplishments include development of the lung ablation dosing algorithm and treatment plan, training of physicians world-wide on the use of lung ablation, and the development of the lung cancer technology from concept to clinical evaluation. In addition to leading the Uptake's research and development efforts, Erik directs the clinical operations team that analyzes lung CT scans to create a personalized treatment plan for all InterVapor patients. He has been awarded 10 patents to date and numerous peer-reviewed publications in medical literature as lead author.

Kristi Jordan - Vice President of Regulatory and Quality

Kristi has spent over 20 years in the medical device industry, primarily in the fields of cardiology and pulmonology.  She is experienced in FDA and ISO compliant quality systems, regulatory affairs, supplier quality, product development and project management.  Previous companies include Stasys Medical, Uptake Medical Corp, Spiration, Boston Scientific NW, Rosetta Informatics, and Heart Technology. 

Dean Corcoran - Director of Operations

Dean has 20 years of experience in the medical device industry in the fields of cardiology, oncology and pulmonology. He is experienced in research, prototyping, product development, manufacturing, production management, supply chain management and quality systems.  Previous medical companies include Varian Medical Systems, Uptake Medical Corp., CoAptus Medical Corp., Spiration, and InControl. He has been awarded 17 US patents as well as several foreign patents. Prior to entering the medical device industry, Dean spent 15 years supporting research at the Nuclear Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington.