InterVapor Therapy represents a unique new type of treatment for emphysema and lung cancer—two of our world’s most deadly diseases. This non-surgical option uses a standard bronchoscope to deliver a precise stream of heated water vapor through the lung’s pathways to the afflicted area. The powerful energy of the vapor provides controlled, rapid ablation of the diseased lung tissue, leaving healthier sections unaffected.

A Simple Approach.
Numerous Advantages.

InterVapor is the only vapor-based technology that enables targeted treatment of emphysema and lung cancer. It stands apart from all other treatment methods in important—and exclusive—ways:


InterVapor doesn’t involve surgery, implantation of devices, toxic drugs or chemicals, or lengthy procedures.


With a precise stream of heated water vapor, InterVapor Therapy can be localized to the more diseased areas of the lung, preserving healthier regions.


Applied using standard bronchoscopy, InterVapor can be easily incorporated in physicians’ treatment armamentarium.


InterVapor requires minimal infrastructure investment and is cost-effective across all parts of the health care system.

The InterVapor System

The InterVapor System is comprised of three components: the InterVapor Personalized Procedure Program® (IP3®) tablet application, InterVapor Catheter, and InterVapor Generator.

  • The InterVapor Personalized Procedure Program (IP3) is a proprietary tablet-based application. Based on a thorough review of each patient’s CT scan, it recommends treatment locations and ablation energy durations for each patient. This information is computed for individual procedures, and securely delivered to the physician on a tablet PC. The physician chooses the vapor delivery location and duration at the time of the bronchoscopic treatment.
  • The InterVapor Generator is digitally controlled to precisely apply heated water vapor at specified levels, temperatures, and pressures.
  • The InterVapor Catheter is advanced through a standard bronchoscope to deliver the prescribed vapor dose into targeted lung segments. Each vapor delivery is computed by IP3 and lasts between 3-10 seconds.
InterVapor System Personalized Procedure Program (IP3)

The InterVapor System has CE Mark and TGA approval. The InterVapor System is not available for sale in the U.S.A.