The InterVapor® System

The InterVapor® system is comprised of three components: the InterVapor Personalized Procedure Program® (IP3®), InterVapor Catheter, and InterVapor Generator. These components work together to create a user friendly treatment option for pulmonologists. The IP3 recommends diseased lung areas to be treated by precise, physician-controlled doses of thermal energy created by the Generator and delivered by the Catheter (in the form of heated water vapor) through a standard bronchoscope.



(a) The InterVapor Personalized Procedure Program (IP3) is a proprietary application that provides preferred treatment locations and times based on the patient’s CT scan. This personalized information is computed for each procedure and is securely delivered to the physician on a tablet PC.

(b) The InterVapor Generator is digitally controlled to precisely produce heated water vapor at specific amounts, temperature, and pressure.

(c) The InterVapor Catheter delivers the prescribed vapor dose into the targeted lung segments. Each vapor delivery is computed by IP3 and is between 3–10 seconds in duration.

The InterVapor System has TGA approval. It is not for sale in the U.S.